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Good Lender is a financial institution that operates through its website and specializes in small fast loans. The amount that we can receive in the first microcredit cannot exceed € 300 but in subsequent applications, we can request up to € 700 on this platform.

Reward good payers with higher amounts without requiring more requirements or conditions, the only thing that is necessary to access these facilities is to have finished paying previous credits on this platform under certain conditions in the payment terms and amounts received.

It facilitates the granting of paperless credits in a very fast way to consumers who are in the Spanish territory, with also very short repayment terms. It is an ideal credit for those people who at some point need money occasionally, either for various factors, such as the purchase of something urgent, an unexpected receipt or any type of emergency that sometimes appears out of nowhere.

Easy online direct payday loans: We get you cash fast in 3 easy steps 

Get microcredits up to & euro;  700 with Good Lender

You may go to green-touch for online direct lender payday loans, you can request from 50 and up to € 700 in about 15 minutes. Fast and easy. They have a free telephone for any help.

Their mini loans range from 50 to 300 euros (for new customers) and the repayment period varies from 1 to 61 days maximum. In addition, the first loan is interest-free and the system is as simple as possible, and as these are very small amounts, the consumer feels that he can alleviate an urgency in just one click. It seems like the ideal solution to small amounts, since the procedure in banks and savings banks is usually much slower and carries with it too much paperwork.

There are four levels of trust that are achieved as we request microcredits on the platform. The new customer is the one who is requesting a small loan for the first time and can only request up to € 300. The second level is the trusted customer, who must have previously requested € 150 in credit, and can request up to € 350. The next level is the trusted customer, who can ask for up to € 400 with a 20% discount on the loan costs. Finally, the last level is the Premium client, who can ask for up to € 700 with a 40% discount on costs.

We are told at all times the status of our application

In addition, it is possible to carry out the application of one of these credits at any time since the platform is completely automatic. We are told at all times the status of our application, which may be a pending decision, accepted or denied. In the first case, it is necessary to make a decision by one of the agents of the entity and it is possible that some document is missing or some verification must be made. When we accept the request, the money is sent to us in about 15 minutes. A denied request does not imply that we will be denied another request in the future.

When making the request you will be asked for a checking account number and a debit card that you must have associated with it. The checking account will be used to send you the money and the debit card to return it, that is, you will not have to do anything for this since they take care of everything. You only have to worry about having the money of the microcredit return in your checking account the day the term ends.

Microcredit Refund

The loan repayment period can range from 15 to 61 days but it is possible to request extensions through the user area on the page. When requesting more time, we will be given another 30 days to pay a new amount of money, which will be indicated to us at the moment in which we confirm the extension request. Good Lender is not particularly demanding with the requirements to grant fast loans but in terms of the payment term of the same. Therefore, it rewards good payers with the confidence levels mentioned above.

In addition, if you return the money in advance, you will only pay interest for the time you had the money in your possession, which will save costs. For this, you will have to make a return manually, entering your customer service area and verifying the amount that you would have to return to the date. You will find the instructions to return it at that moment with correction.

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